Event Planning

As a campus representative for Universal Pictures, I was solely responsible for promoting upcoming films on campus. During the 2014-2015 school year, I hosted three advance screening events at a local theater in Eugene. The goal for these screenings is to have the theater, which seats 100 people, completely full. This builds buzz not only on campus, but on social media prior to a film’s U.S. release. My work for three different campaigns can be seen below.


My first screening, “Dumb and Dumber To”, was a great learning experience for me. This was the first promotional event that I planned and hosted during my time as a campus representative. I learned the importance of word-of-mouth promoting because that is why most of the attendees came to the event. I decided that in order to make my future events more successful, I needed to utilize the valuable tools on-campus media held.


My final two screenings of the year exceeded the goals set forth by Universal’s Campus U program. Not only was I able to fill the theater, but I also had to turn away around 50 people. I credit the success of these two events to my media relations efforts. I was able to secure partnerships with both the University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald and the on-campus radio station KWVA. By building these mutually beneficial relationships the outcome was positive for all parties involved.

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