Social Media

For a PR Campaigns class, I was assigned to a group of three other students and we were given the client Stupendous Music. Stupendous needed our help to promote his new EP that was released in May of 2015. Our social media efforts and results are shown below.



After getting a snapshot of Stupendous’s social media accounts, my team and I agreed that because of his demographics, it would be best to focus our efforts on social media marketing. As seen above, we were able to increase his Facebook following by 85% after implementing our PR plan.

Slide08The first chart shows Stupendous’s Twitter account overview in April and May 2015. We began implementing our PR campaign on May 1, 2015. The results of our efforts can been seen by the increase in impressions and profile visits. By also using tools such as Facebook’s page boosting, we were able to reach a greater audience online.

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