Media Relations

Connecting with the media is arguably one of the most crucial relationships a PR professional can build. For my Universal Pictures internship I was able to form connections with the award-winning campus publication The Daily Emerald and get 15 minutes of on-air promotions with the campus radio station KWVA.


When promoting “Unfriended” and “Trainwreck” for my Universal Pictures internship, I decided to connect with the arts and culture reporter at the University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald. By sending an email pitch inviting her to attend the screening events and encouraging her to write reviews on the movies I was able to build a mutually beneficial relationship. She was able to publish reviews, which gave the films more exposure on campus.

Working on the Stupendous Music account proved to be a great learning experience. My team and I were able to create an electronic press kit that included important information about his music. We then sent out the EPK to industry bloggers and writers announcing his EP release, which proved to be beneficial in increasing his social media following and music downloads.

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